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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Smokable Gear- Vape Hoodie - VaprWear

Smokable Gear- Vape Hoodie - VaprWear
Smokable Gear- Vape Hoodie - VaprWear

WHO IS vapRwear

vapRwear is the brainchild of Elvis “Papi” Edwards, a Caribbean native, former athlete, socialite, model, actor, and entrepreneur.  With recent changes in Colorado legislation, Papi saw an opportunity to blend comfort with discreet functionality – and vapRwear was born.
The vapRwear brand is easily distinguished by Papi’s pelican icon with his signature red mohawk.  The pelican proudly adorns all vapRwear discreet, smokable gear, complete with custom grommets designed to fit the dlo e-cig vapesystem.


High Times: VapRwear Brings Vape Function to Fashion

By: HighTimes | Monkeyshine | Feb. 23, 2015
As the nation’s focus turns towards the ‘Green Rush,’ a slew of exciting products are emerging as the leaders in a growing industry. From entire lines of accessories, vape pens, devices, oils, dabs, waxes, flowers, and more – yet few are grabbing attention like VapRwear – The world’s… READ MORE


The Rooster: Vaprwear – smokable clothing for those times when pulling your vape pen out of your pocket is just too hard

Have you ever reached into your pocket looking for your vape pen only to think, “UUUNNGGGGGHHHHH, this is so hard?” Then you’ll love Vaprwear, the smokable apparel that lets you get high without the try. It is a sweatshirt after all… READ MORE



There has been a lot of coverage for wearable technology, but when it comes to clothing designed for smokers it’s a different story. However, there is vapRwear, these hoodies have been especially designed as smokable clothing. They may look like a regular fashionable hoodie… READ MORE



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