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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Move Over CoCo- Jenna Shea the New Blood

Move Over CoCo- Jenna Shea the New Blood

Jenna Shea is a popular adult porn artist from the United States. She has been posing for pornographic photo shoots for some years now and has become quite popular on the internet. Shea has a Latino ancestry which has helped her gain popularity among the Latino population in the United States because of her tanned complexion and exotic features. She is relatively short and is not as tall as some of the more popular models who work in the fashion industry. This may be one reason why she has decided to pose in front of the camera as opposed to walking down the ramp. Shea has posed in erotic photo shoots for several websites and magazines, which has made her a ubiquitous presence in the print and online adult porn market.

Move Over CoCo- Jenna Shea the New Blood

Despite her popularity, Shea she has never posed nude in front of the camera for a photo shoot. Because of the intrigues in the industry and among her fans, Shea once had to face the controversy when some of her photographs had been morphed so that it appeared as if they had been shot with Shea posing nude for them. These photos were circulated over the Internet and caused a lot of controversy for Shea and her fans as well as her producers. However, over time it was obvious that the photographs were not original and that they had been photoshopped and circulated simply to create a storm in a teacup.

Jenna Shea - SODMG

Soulja Boy Jenna Shea

Shea had to face a lot of distress because of these photographs and this affected her work as well as her professional relationships with her photographers, agents and producers. She had to face a tough time in explaining to them that these photographs were not real. The result of this was that several assignments that she had meant to work on were given to other models. As a result, Shea lost out on a good volume of work for some time. This scandal over the morphed photographs also shows that Shea is very popular in the adult porn industry and several producers and photographers are eager to work with her. The main reason for this is that she is ready to pose without abandon and is quite comfortable in front of the camera lens.

She has also undergone a number of surgeries to make her figure more appealing and attractive for the camera. This has been one major factor for the ease with which she has emerged from her nude photographs controversy. Jenna Shea has also never posed with other models for her photo shoots. She is a solo model and only works in photo shoots where she is the only model. This has also prevented any speculation about her personal relationships in the industry. She has never been known to have been linked with any person, model or photographer within the industry or without. Her personal life is something about which there has been some speculation but no person has been able to say anything with certainty.

Move Over CoCo- Jenna Shea the New Blood


A look back at CoCo- What do you think ? Is CoCo still the winner of this comparison?

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