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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rapper The Game 60 Day Fitness Results

Rapper The Game 60 Day Fitness Results
Rapper The Game & Brother - BWS BYRD 60 Day Fitness Results
Atlanta Music Promoter- Crunkatlanta

2013 Fitness is the New Years Resolution of many each year. Check out what the rapper .. The GAME has been doing and executed his task in hand with brother..BWS Byrd. - Crunkatlanta

The former gang banger (alleged), born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, joining his little brother BWS Byrd's exercise program called "60 Days of Fitness".

The Game has been documenting his healthy journey on Instagram, posting snaps of himself doing a thousand push-ups and the type of meals he eats to stay trim. 'The goal was to dramatically change my eating habits to a clean diet without error as well as shed the body fat wit massive cardio/ab workouts - Running, hiking, cycling etc.,' he wrote.

RESULTS: All it take is dedication if you want results in "ANYTHING " in life.
This is the results - "HALFWAY" through his workout....

Rapper The Game 60 Day Fitness Results
Rapper The Game-Day 30 of his 60 Day Fitness Results



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