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Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 Most Famous Mistresses of Celebrities and Politicians

Top 10 Most Famous Mistresses of Celebrities and Politicians

Its seems like every other week someone is resigning from their job or quitting because of a Mistress. The list can go on and on. I like punanny just like the next guy. But dam!!! If you are in a powerful position ( not sexual position ). You have to be strong about you needs. If your wife not swinging from the ceiling fan and doing handstands in the bedroom. Then you may be ready to move on to someone that will. I'm not saying just leave your family. Talk it over first. If she is not willing to do a lil bit extra. Then tell her your needs aren't being met.

Check out this list of Famous Mistresses. What a way to be known... Is this a better or worst way than a sex tape. (cough) Kim Kardashian... in a Tilted kilt

Currently making Headlines
CIA Director David Petraeus, 60, and his 40-year-old mistress - his biographer, Paula Broadwell -
 I guess she needed to get in his head in order to write or give him head.

10 Most Famous Mistresses tilted kilt
The title of the book says it all.... better than Deep Throat- lol
Paula Broadwell Nude
Paula Broadwell 

-FBI investigation into suspected corruption instead found evidence of an affair between the CIA Director and his biographer, Paula Broadwell
-Confessed to 'extremely poor judgement' in cheating on wife of 37 years Broadwell is a married mother of two working on military PhD
-First met Petraeus as he visited at Harvard, where she is a researcher
-Obama pays tribute to Petraeus saying he made U.S. 'safer and stronger'
She should have been wearing a "tilted  kilt".

Mary Boleyn and King Charles VIII of England - Mary Boleyn and her sister, Anne, were both mistresses of King Charles VIII of England. Mary was said to have been the prettier of the two sisters, but Anne had the brains. It is also thought that Mary had two of King Charles' children.

Anne Boleyn and King Charles VIII of England - Why didn't Anne take a cue from big sister, Mary, that King Charles was bad news? After Mary's "time" with the King, Anne was the next woman he pined for. King Charles VIII fell hard for Anne, but because of her intelligence, she didn't give in to his advances until it was for her benefit. Charles married Anne, but later had her beheaded for high treason.

Lucy Mercer and Franklin Roosevelt - Eleanor Roosevelt hired Lucy Mercer to be Franklin's personal secretary in 1913. By 1918, Eleanor discovered love letters between her husband and Mary and asked Franklin for a divorce. Alas, he couldn't grant her one because his mother threatened to disinherit him if he divorced Eleanor. As Franklin's political career was most important, he told Eleanor he ended the affair with Mary. According to history records, Mary and Franklin continued to stay in touch.

Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy - It is believed that Marilyn had a relationship with both John and Bobby Kennedy at the same time. Her closest friends said Marilyn's heart belonged to John, but she was often seen with both men dancing or holding conversations.

Donna Rice and Gary Hart - With dreams of becoming President, Hart announced his candidacy in April, 1987. Immediately, however, rumors of his affair with Donna Rice were flying. When a picture of Rice sitting on Hart's lap on the yacht called Monkey Business appeared in a paper, Hart dropped out of the race just one month later. Hmm.....

Gennifer Flowers and Bill Clinton - During Clinton's 1992 Presidential election campaign, Gennifer Flowers made it known that she had had a 12 year affair with him. Clinton denied the affair, but changed his mind in January, 1998 when Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of having had an affair with her. Flowers made half a million for sharing her personal life with the media.

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII - Edward VIII fell hard for American Wallis Simpson. Although she was a twice divorced woman with two living ex-husbands, and despite the fact that the UK were up in arms about the relationship, Edward abdicated the throne in December, 1936 in order to marry "the woman I love".

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton - Monica was hired as an intern at the White House and began a relationship with Clinton in 1995. She later alleged that they had 9 sexual encounters together. Things got bad when Lewinsky confided to her friend and Defense co-worker Linda Tripp that she was involved with Clinton. Trip secretly recorded her conversations with Lewinsky (what a friend!) and then gave the tapes to Kenneth Star who was at the time investigating other matters regarding Clinton. Although Clinton denied the affair later, the evidence that Star had was simply too much to overcome. In 1998, Clinton admitted his relationship with Lewinsky and was later impeached as President.

Eva Braun and Adolph Hitler - Eva Braun met Hitler when she was just 17 years old. She worked as an assistant for Hitler's photographer and then began a relationship with Hitler two years later. She eventually married Hitler and when the Third Reich began to collapse during the end of the war, Braun and Hitler committed suicide together. She was 33 and Hitler was 56. Amazingly, the German public really didn't know about Braun until after her suicide.


  1. The best of both worlds if you play your cards right

  2. Interesting list....(UnsungHipHop.Com)

  3. Awesome post! Really interesting and entertaining to read. Thanks for this!



  5. Ol girl really wrote a book tho??????

  6. lol dope list sht comedy :-D #Chilly


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