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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gunplay Facing Life In Prison

Gunplay Facing Life In Prison
Gunplay Facing Life In Prison
The net is buzzing with this update news on GUNPLAY.. 
Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay has been making headlines in recent weeks, and all for the wrong reasons. On Wednesday, news broke that the rapper voluntarily turned himself into Miami Police after a warrant for his arrest was issued back in May. The warrant stemmed from an armed robbery with no additional details noted according to TMZ. Now, footage of the incident in April has now surfaced and it’s not looking good. In the security video, you can see Gunplay pulling out a firearm and assaulting his accountant with the weapon. It’s alleged that a cell phone and gold chain were also stolen during the encounter.

 As seen on Miss Info

 If convicted on the two charges of armed robbery and now aggravated assault with a firearm, Gunplay could face life in prison.



  1. Say good bye to this nigga... the court system let too many Rappers skate off... this nigga going to be old in jail . "IF he live that long in there. I hear he has many enemies ..

  2. dam this situation is crazy...smh..#Chilly

  3. Well at least he has his advancement money and he can always record while he do his time, or did they stop that

  4. Damn.... why do these rappers do the dumbest issh???? GB

  5. Sucks for Gunplay, but how are you going to try to pull stupid shit like that? And call yourself 'Gunplay'...


  6. He's so undeserving of a Hip Hop Diddy said you can take some rappers out of the ghetto, but you just can't take the ghetto out of your time Gunplay and fade away

  7. Its really a shame too. Dude was a real talented cat.... A real new type of ODB nigga.....See ya later...

  8. lol how u choose a name gunplay and expect not to be put in jail -ws

  9. He's finished.. he going to be making music from prison...called "BUTTPLAY"

  10. I can only say that we should cherish the life, cherish what we have now life. Let me share a surprise that can take you a good mood, they sell gold atlanta,Cheap, fashionable.


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