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Saturday, December 3, 2011

WSHH- World Star hip Hop VideoTUBE Urban Media


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WSHH- World Star hip Hop VideoTUBE Urban Media
WSHH- World Star hip Hop VideoTUBE Urban Media

My question:
Is WorldstarHiphop representing HIP HOP or is just a place to get a dollar?

I heard all the rumors of fake views- a Youtube post stating that all they do is HOLD DOWN "CTRL" button and keep pressing the "R" button on your keyboard . This will refresh the page each time its pressed. If you wanted that video to get 1000 instant page views.... press it 1000 times..etc.
Yeah this works, I have tried it on their site. I wonder if they are doing this or who ever video post it belong to is doing it. If you saw something that said it had 30,000 views in 2 days. You are more likely to view it yourself because you felt other people been looking at it.

The site is kool, but I think its over priced to advertise. Some call it a GHETTO YOUTUBE. But I still fux wit You got news and urban video...a positive community of over 140,000 people.

WorldStarHipHop is an American hip-hop and content aggregating video blog. Created in 2005, the site averages 1.1 million unique visitors a day. Alexa ranks the site 247th in site traffic in the United States and 983th for worldwide traffic.[1][2] The site was founded by Lee 'Q' O'Denat, a Hollis, Queens-based hip-hop fan.[2] Described by VIBE as a "remnant of the Geocities generation", the site regularly features public fighting caught on tape, music videos and other content targeted to young American audiences.


WorldStarHipHop has been accused of misrepresenting the amounts of views on its videos, displaying the number of hits to a video instead of the amount of unique views.[3]
There are also many public complaints about the methods that WSHH uses in order to post videos on their website. One such complaint is that they require a minimum payment of $700 from artists in order to post their video to WSHH.[4]


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