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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woman Breastfeeds Her Dad @CRUNKATLANTAmag

Woman Breastfeeds Her Dad,

Claims It Will Save His Life

Crunkatlanta - come on ... First ...this news isn't new...this was earlier in the year. Second, why your daughter? He could have found someone that had milk ....this isn't right by no means... I wonder if its true or possible to cure CANCER...? You mean I gotta keep the wife knocked up ... sorry . No more kids for me !!

Woman Breastfeeds Her Dad @CRUNKATLANTA

Woman Breastfeeds Her Dad

In a strange magazine article in Closer, a woman named Sonia Ortiz-Allen disclosed that she breastfeeds her dad because she believes it is helping him beat cancer.

Sonia Ortiz-Allen-Woman Breastfeeds Her Dad @CRUNKATLANTA

Woman Breastfeeds Her Dad

“It’s no different to when I feed my son—there’s nothing sexual in it at all,” she claims.
Sonia started doing it after both she and her father read a news article about how mother’s milk can help to kill off cancer. That the news article did not cite any peer-reviewed scientific journals did not matter to either Sonia or her dad, who was more than eager to suck her breasts as a means of treating his cancer.

According to Sonia she was very upset when her mother died of cancer in 1999, so ten years later when her dad, aged 51 was diagnosed with prostate cancer she was that determined to help him that she started breastfeeding him.

She had just given birth to her first child, and had read an article in a newspaper saying that breast-milk could beat cancer. Not one of her or her father's doctors agreed with it, but they went ahead anyway.

So, a few weeks down the line and Sonia's complaining that her ninnies are sore because of the breast pump, so dad starts drinking straight from the tap!

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