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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ying Yang Twins AIDs Awareness Campaign

AIDs Awareness Campaign @usafeproject

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Crunkatlanta- You know , not many people talk about HIV/AIDS like they should. When you watch a music video and see all the sexy women. Just figure , out of all those women in that video reality 10 out of those 30 women could have HIV/AIDS. Most fellas are too quick to hop in the sack with a random chick or vice versa. All I'm saying is , protect yourself so you can have a future.

TheYing Yang Twins are an iconic duo which brought you music that made you want to do the dam thang. To see them go from that to this is a big step in making a stand to their fans. Awareness, leadership and being a role model to the younger generation. Like it or not , rappers have a major impact on the youth. What is seen by them marks a path the youth will make. To other rappers: Instead of promoting gang/ drug violence in videos/ songs... encourage them to stay in school and proceed further. Not everyone can be a rapper or an athlete. I have never personally met them, but I have worked with them from a distant. They have done stuff for me personally in regards to promoting material back in my Ozone Magazine days,etc. I just want to send out a thanks to these fellas. That's something they didn't have to do but took the time to grant a request. I support your movement!!!

Ying Yang Twins AIDs Awareness Campaign

The USafe? AIDs Awareness Campaign is the brain child of the YingYangTwins, in honor of their little brother Corey Holmes.

Corey is the perfect example that youth is not on your side when it comes to HIV & AIDs. He was just starting to enjoy his life, when AIDs beat him at the young age of 25.

USafe? will donate its annual proceeds raised to an organization that focuses on the Prevention, Awareness,Research, Drugs, Education &/or Support of Families living with this horrific disease!

Understanding their fan base, it is important to the YingYangTwins to integrate the message of "Safe Responsible sex & the importance of Knowing your Status" with their celebrity..

"Statistics say, there are over 2million children under the age of 15 who are HIV-positive"

"It would be unfair of us to tell fans how fun sex is and not tell them how dangerous it is as well"! We would be foolish to think we don't have some sort of influence on our fans!


The USafe? photo shoot will be the start of an international campaign to draw awareness to this worthy cause, through PROFOUND IMAGES We have asked for the participation of several staples initially of the Atlanta Entertainment Community & residents of the community to help make this launch monumental!

The "Black & White" concept is merely "Yin & Yang" Negative & Positive...U Chose! Life or Death...USafe?

~Thank You in advance, the YingYangTwins!
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