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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tom Cruise’s ‘Mena’ -Casting Call in Atlanta, Georgia

Tom Cruise’s ‘Mena’ -Casting Call in Atlanta, Georgia
Tom Cruise’s ‘Mena’ -Casting Call in Atlanta, Georgia


Tom Cruise’s ‘Mena’ White House Scene Casting Call in Atlanta, Georgia.

‘Mena’ is based on a true story about Barry Seal, a pilot who, in the 1980s was a gun runner, and drug trafficker who transported contraband for the CIA and Medellin cartel. He was eventually shot and killed in Baton Rouge. The title of the movie comes from Mena, Arkansas where a majority of the drug trafficking took place under the noses of several presidents and governors.
Casting directors are looking for extras to work on a White House scene filming in Atlanta, Georgia. Producers are looking for men and women who appear to be in their 30s to 50s.
To audition for a role on Tom Cruise’s ‘Mena’, check out the casting call details below:

Mena Casting Call 

For an upcoming scene on the movie, MENA working in the Atlanta area we need some very featured White House types. We do not have a work date yet, but it will be sometime between now and July 10. This would involve a fitting as well. You CANNOT have worked this movie yet to be considered. Looking for:
1) Men – appearing to be in their 30s – 50s, very high end and upscale. No shaved heads or crew cuts. Coat size 44 or smaller.
2) Women – appearing to be in their 30s – 50s, very high end, dress size 8 or smaller.
If interested, please submit a photo with height/weight and a contact number to: menacastingsubmissions@gmail.com. Thank you!
If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

Young Bruce ft. Audemar "Get it Poppin"

Young Bruce ft. Audemar
"Get it Poppin" 

The new single by talented young artists Young Bruce & Audemar entiled "Get it Poppin" Produced by WeedyBeats

This track brings it back to the old school house party days while remaining relevant to today's youth.  The  track will surely get people on the floor and will surely become a DJ favorite.  Inspired by classic duos such as Kid n Play, EPMD, and Run DMC, Young Bruce & Audemar represent the future of Hip Hop Duos.



Social  Media Info:







 For Bookings contact musicnotch@gmail.com

Executive Produced by Musicnotch 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Seeking Songs & Tracks for Dr. Dre's album Detox and more

Seeking Songs & Tracks for Dr. Dre's album Detox and more
Seeking Songs & Tracks for Dr. Dre's album Detox and more
Seeking Songs & Tracks for Dr. Dre's album Detox

I'm seeking songs and tracks for Dr. Dre's highly anticipated and long awaited album 'Detox.' Please submit your best work for consideration. 

This will be Dr. Dre's third studio album and is also slated to be his final. 
Prior of founding ALK Entertainment Group Alonzo Jackson wore many hats at Dre's Aftermath. Alonzo and Dr. Dre worked hand in hand on Detox.

- Alonzo Jackson / ALK Entertainment Group
Singer-Songwriter-quirky pop for film license ($2500 payout for final selection)
Looking for singer/songwriter/quirky pop song for a film license. Think along the lines of Ingrid Michaelson. Female vocal preferred, but male vocal could work if it fits the vibe needed perfectly. Song will be used in a scene about relationships, so it should fit that lyrical content. If selected, we will play it for all parties involved in the film and get back to you if it makes the final cut.

- Incorporated Elements


Seeking Music for Action Sports Ad Firm

Pulse Records are scouting 75-100 select tracks for a high-profile West Coast action sports ad agency & production company. Approved music will be available to producers for non-exclusive, one-time use, and paid placements for digital web media, video games, commercials, promotional videos, television (shows and pilots), major motion pictures (Warner Bros/Paramount), live events, celebrity charity programs, DVDs, home video projects and more.
AMMPP and ROBOTCITY Seeking for high energy music for MLB ALL STAR GAME
AMMPP and ROBOTCITY are working with a marketing company to place music during the Major League Baseball All Star Game! Looking for high energy anthem style music to be played during MLB All Star game! Payouts range from $1,000-$1500. Instrumentals are welcome. Please submit you best track(s) for consideration.

- AMMPP/Robotcity Studio
Seeking Trap Beats for Dee Boi
LNeed trap beats for Orlando rap artist Dee Boi. $300 budget for each selected beat. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration. Check out his video for "No Rap", the first son of his 10 Toes Down mixtape, HERE

- The Colleagues Music Group LLC
Reggaeton & Moombahton-Influenced Tracks For Female (Alto) Pop Artist

Please send UNRELEASED reggaeton and moombahton tracks that are mixed and ready for this 22 year-old female (alto) pop artist to write to. 

If the song (or just a solid hook / melody) is already written over the track, even better. She is working with concepts such as: dreams, nature, yoga, spirituality, meditation, hypnosis, magic, etc. Less about love and heartbreak, more about connecting with the "universe". 

Songwriters who are not producers: Please feel free to pitch demos of songs in her nature, and we'll find the reggaeton and moombahton beats that can match. 

D.K.A.D Seeking Artists, Songwriters, and Producers

Producer, DJ, and audio-engineer David Kovacs, aka D.K.A.D., is seeking artists, songwriters, and producers for collaborations and placements. If you have amazing hip-hop, pop, R&B writing and/or production ability then submit your best work now. 

D.K.A.D. has produced for artists such as 50 Cent & G-Unit, Denzel Curry, OG-Maco, Deniro Farrar, Pill, Ransom and many more.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Seeking Music for Blockbuster Movie Remake

Seeking Music for Blockbuster Movie Remake
Seeking Music for Blockbuster Movie Remake - $75K Worth of Placements$75k of placements up for grabs – Blockbuster Movie Remake!

As a music company, this is the kind of opportunity you dream of passing along to artists.

A total of over $75k of placements are on offer for this BIG budget remake of a late 80’s true blockbuster. Due to the nature of the film we are delighted to be able to take tracks from the punk, indie, soundtrack, classical, country, rap, jazz, easy listening, rock, pop, EDM genres, BUT we also need general tracks on top of this as there are a number of scenes with music playing on the radio in cars, stores, bars etc.
Cues and Partials will also be accepted / welcomed.

So this is really a call out to EVERY Music Xray artist.

And as if that was not enough, the best 15 tracks will also end up on a heavily promoted soundtrack CD.

So don’t delay, please send us your best tracks today as this really is a once in a lifetime chance to get your music on the big screen and on a soundtrack CD with worldwide promotion.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

LaTocha (@IamLaTocha) " Knee Deep " TNTB - Atlanta Music Promoter

LaTocha (@IamLaTocha) " Knee Deep " TNTB
LaTocha (@IamLaTocha) " Knee Deep " TNTB
 LaTocha brings another banger - Check out this joint and please leave feedback. 

This is a new release titled "Knee Deep", from Latocha Scott aka LaTocha. The former lead signer of the platinum group Xscape. This new song is off her long awaited mixtape titled “TNTB” (Truth In The Booth).

 “ Knee Deep ” is infused with familiar vocals from Xscape’s hit song, “Tonight” in which LaTocha sings very seductively in her whispering voice. Listen as Latocha invokes her sensual side on the Mike Will produced track from Ciara's original hit "My Body".

Latocha's Steamy lyrics of a man going knee deep while making love, will make anyone want to grab their lover’s close.

So Listen to the New Single & Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & IG @IamLatocha

Listen Here

San Franciso Cali- Sweatshop And Owl Green- "I Know"

San Franciso Cali- Sweatshop And Owl Green- "I Know"
San Franciso Cali- Sweatshop And Owl Green- "I Know"

We're Sweatshop & Owl Green out of San Francisco, CA, a pair of young emcee's pairing boom-bap rhythms with new age synthesis coated in witty lyrics emphasizing a self deprecating sense of humor founded in brutal honesty.


Along with ...

Chris & Steve
Insta- @maltislife

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DJ Skroog Mkduk "We Got Next Vol. 4"

DJ Skroog Mkduk "We Got Next Vol. 4"
DJ Skroog Mkduk "We Got Next Vol. 4"

DJ Skroog Mkduk (Coast2CoastDJ, NerveDJ, ScurrylifeDJ, G Unit Promotions) releases a new mixtape featuring the dopest indie artist in the world. Look out for "Unsigned Hype Vol. 27" the Crunk Atlanta Magazine Edition dropping 4th of July.
Follow @skroogmkduk and visit www.djskroogmkduk.com

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