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Friday, May 27, 2016

RckLess Bounce - Favori.t.e

RckLess Bounce - Favori.t.e
RckLess Bounce - Favori.t.e

Out The Box Entertainment Presents RckLess Bounce Single "Favori.t.e 

 Song: "Favori.t.e
Genre: R & B
Label: Out The Box Entertainment
Site: www.RckLessBouncemusic.com

Your Destination For Premium Programming and Entertainment...
RckLess Behavior. Set to drop in the summer of ’16, it promises to be the feelgood hit of the year, their highly anticipated first single ‘Favorit.e.’ a sweet, danceable tribute to each of their favorite girls. Citing influence from bands like 98 Degrees, N Sync, Back Street Boys, Hi Five, Jodeci, New Kids on the Block and New Edition, you can catch their raucous shows in and around Long Island as they prepare for world domination.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spectacular - She Don't Love U

Spectacular - She Don't Love U
Spectacular - She Don't Love U

Spectacular - She Don't Love U

Spectacular of Pretty Ricky drops new single, "She Don't Love U," featuring Tory Lanez, Rich Homie Quan, and Compton Menace.

It's been about a decade since "On the Hotline," the last big hit from the brothers who make up the R&B foursome Pretty Ricky. Today, one of the group's members, Spectacular, has stepped aside and dropped off what he hopes to be a hit of his own, "She Don't Love U," recruiting an unexpected but powerful lineup of features, including Tory Lanez, Rich Homie Quan, and Compton Menace.
Produced by The MeKanics, "She Don't Love U" is a club-ready track that is driven by a catchy hook from Lanez and ultra macho verses from the three remaining collaborators. For those who forgot, Spectacular knows how to rap, specializing in content that veers into X-rated territory.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video

Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video
Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video
Being a native Detroit-er myself - I am proud to push this joint for DEF MACHINE... SALUTE - Crunkatlanta 

The rise of Def Machine started in Detroit, MI STAR DATE 2014... This DEFCON-1 crew consist of, Avery Sims, Craig "Mr. Groove" Lane. and Rondale Brazier, a tightly integrated production team.
Together this bomb squad drops music/film productions with a THERMO-NUCLEAR blast ah thousand times harder than anyone else in the game covering various styles of music genres. A band was needed to back the artist being produced on Sims Entertainment/SEC Records so we added additional musicians, guitarist Joe Mazzola originally from the band Sponge and long time friend of bass player Avery Sims joined the ranks with drummer Mario Perry a good friend of keyboardist Craig Lane. Mario has also done session work for Sims Entertainment/SEC Records. Together this APOCALYPTIC BAND along with front man hip hop artist Diggidy form The kicka** DEF MACHINE.


(Twitter)- @defmachinemusic 

Watch the videos here:
GET HYGH >>>>> 

Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video

Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DistinguishedGorillaz Tracmoon - American Soldiers "How Are You"

 DistinguishedGorillaz Tracmoon - American Soldiers "How Are You"
Tracmoon - American Soldiers "How Are You"

Distinguished Gorillaz Own TracMoon,  delivers a powerful and prolific song dedicated to the U.S.A. troops, titled American Soldiers "How Are You"  written and produced by VEN & Tracmoon.  Available on iTunes & Apple Music!





Artist Official Website

Who Is TracMoon?
Inspire. Reach out. Ignite. TracMoon music seeks to morph its audience to experience new adventures and expand horizons. 

 With the help of Tracmoon own creative team, "TRACMOONIES," the performer seeks to make a name for himself internationally. Why the yellow and orange face?  TracMoon want the world to know we all come in array of colors, bringing our diverse backgrounds and ethnicity to the lives of others. He maintains that "It's not what color or race you are but who you are and how you can make a contribution to the world." Trac yourself and you will see that we're all live under one moon!

SONG: American Soldiers "How Are You" 
Producer: Tracmoon & VEN 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shawty Lo - Put Some Respek On It

Shawty Lo - Put Some Respek On It

Shawty Lo - Put Some Respek On It

Atlanta-born and bred trap rapper Shawty Lo, aka Carlos Walker, did not reach national prominence with his street-hustling raps, but by ushering in the "snap dance" craze with the Billboard-topping "Laffy Taffy" as part of his four-man crew, D4L, in 2005. He co-founded both the group and, acting as CEO, the D4L Records label two years earlier with the intention of only working behind the scenes and never really contributing many verses to the group. D4L's debut single, "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me," was a big local hit in Georgia in 2004 and hinted at the group's potential crossover success. Before Shawty Lo saw any of that success, he was convicted on drug charges and had to serve a one-year prison sentence. By the time he was let out in July 2005, the "Laffy Taffy" song, which later would reach number one on the pop charts and break several digital and ringtone sales records, already had blown up. Moreover, D4L and their independent label earned a distribution deal with Atlantic via Asylum Records, who issued their Down for Life (2005) album debut nationwide. Gaining more confidence about his own rapping abilities, Shawty Lo took his solo feature on the Down for Life album, "I'm da Man," and released it locally as an independent single in 2006. After a pair of solo mixtapes with Atlanta's DJ Scream, Shawty Lo obtained his own record deal with Asylum in summer 2007 and delivered his debut album, Units in the City, the following year. The LP was preceded by the hip-hop/R&B chart-climbing single "Dey Know." ~ Cyril Cordor

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Touring Bands Be Prepared to Replace Your Gear While on the Road

Touring Bands Be Prepared to Replace Your Gear While on the Road

Nothing will ever come close to the feeling you get on tour. You might not be a Platinum selling artist who fills out the world’s biggest stadiums and arenas, and you may never want to perform in the ACC, Barclays Center, or the O2 Arena. That’s fine. The regional tour of dive bars and free festivals is still an experience that gets your blood pumping and your endorphin circulating.

Touring Bands Be Prepared to Replace Your Gear While on the Road

It can also take a lot of work, as you and your closest friends pile into the tour van and travel endless kilometers between shows, playing on your weeknights, weekends, and any other time you can get away from your day jobs. You only need to cram into the tight quarters of your vehicle with your band mates and your gear to know that you’re not just a touring band. You’re a traveling can of sardines – a tin in which tempers flare and personalities clash.

Despite your difficulties, it’s all worth it once you get to the gig and stretch your legs. But bad moods and tantrums aren’t the only thing that can threaten your small tour. Lack of preparation is the fastest way to put the kibosh on your plans. That’s why organization is such a crucial aspect of your band, even if you only ever tour around the city. You need to know where you’ll be going (and when) in order to get to your gig on time, which means coordinating everyone’s work schedules and transportation around the concert. If you’re responsible for your own gear, you never want to unload and set up with the clock counting down, so give yourself enough time to arrive at the location early.

Your schedules aren’t the only things that demand your attention. You’ll also have to focus on your gear. As a small band you know you have no supportive network of agents or roadies to help you should anything go wrong. If there’s an issue with your gear, you and your band mates are the ones tasked with finding a solution. To limit the number of problems that crop up, it’s a good idea to keep your gear in great condition. You should also have a basic kit of performance equipment so you can set up at any gig, regardless of the state of the location. Having amps, back-up amps, pedals, power adapters, straps, stings, and picks are all must-haves for the average touring band.

When the tour van is small, you don’t always have the space to carry a back-up of everything that you need; but faulty equipment that needs replacement can pull the plug on a single concert or an entire tour. Small bands don’t have the luxury of replacing everything as soon as they malfunction, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to call it quits as soon as an amp blows. Even with a modest budget, you can find great deals on your musical instruments and gear if you look hard enough. With a little bit of searching, you can find brand name equipment at an affordable price, which means you can afford to replace and potentially even back-up all of your stuff.

When you feel as good as you do after a show, you can’t let something like mismanagement or faulty equipment get between you and the stage. So make sure your band is organized and informed about the ways of the road before you start your tour. It’s the easiest way to guarantee success for your band.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Seeking Songs for A-mei - Female Pop Star -Taiwan

A-mei - Female Pop Star -Taiwan
A-mei - Female Pop Star -Taiwan
Seeking Songs for A-mei - Female Pop Star -Taiwan
Taiwan female singer A-mei is looking for songs as referenced below. This artist has been around since 1996 and is a well established artist in SE Asia especially China and Taiwan. The brief is edgy and cool mid tempo pop songs that have an emotional quality. 

Please listen to the tracks below to get a good idea of what we are looking for. 
A-mei Wikipedia 

Song References:
Alessia Cara - Here
Jess Glynne - Take Me Home
Halsey - Colors
Grace - You Don't Own Me

Afrikan Cowboy Publishing is a small independent music publisher based in the UK. Our main focus is commercial pop for the South East Asian market but also work with partners in Europe, Africa and the US.
Looking forward to hearing some great tracks. Thanks again 

- Dean Hart / Afrikan Cowboy Music Publishing

Thursday, April 28, 2016

All Jokes Aside - Dej Loaf

All Jokes Aside - Dej Loaf
All Jokes Aside - Dej Loaf

It's been over 2 years since Dej Loaf broke onto the scene with her "Sell Sole" mixtape. Today, she's back with a new 11 track mixtape "All Jokes Aside" available NOW exclusively on DatPiff!

Mixtape Tracks 

1.Vibes (prod by Izze The Producer) 

2.Who Am I (prod by DDS)  

3.Chase Mine (prod by KLVN & Carrington Brown) 

4.How (prod by Izze The Producer, KLVN & iRocksays) 

5.Keep Going (prod by DDS) 

6.Im Gon' Win (prod by Sonny Digital) 

7.Bitch Please (prod by DDS) 

8.Make Money (prod by KLVN) 

9.Bout That ft Silkk The Shocker (prod by Kharri) 

10.Die 4 It (prod by iRocksays) 

11.Goals (prod by Izze The Producer)


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