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Thursday, December 21, 2017

kNOw CA$H "Be Better" (Official Video Release)

kNOw CA$H "Be Better" (Official Video Release)
kNOw CA$H "Be Better" (Official Video Release) 

Stream the new hit single "BE Better" Apple I-Tunes BE-BETTER -KNOW CASH

kNOw CA$H is using this channel 2 showcase what he does best, entertain others while spreading awareness and enlightenment. By Supporting the kNOw CA$H Movement through donations, active participation in his TouTube channel, and sharing on social media you are helping him build a brighter future for himself & others with a message of peace, love & unity.

Headkrack Ft. Mahdi - All The Way Lit

Headkrack Ft. Mahdi - All The Way Lit
Headkrack Ft. Mahdi - All The Way Lit

"HeadKrack is an American media personality, actor, DJ and most importantly a MC. His origins begin in the Bronx, NY with stints in Dallas & Atlanta. Marinating in the culture of so many diverse cities played a part in helping Krack season his style. In addition to his solo work he is also 1/3 of the hip hop group The Bodega Brovas. In addition to working on the next group project, Krack is also preparing to release his solo album “The Rain Maker” in 2018. Catch the Wave early.

Follow @headkrack on twitter!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Maple & Rye Hymns of Poseidon

Maple & Rye Hymns of Poseidon

Maple & Rye
Hymns of Poseidon
6 October 2017
Releaseday today!
Less that a year after the release of their debut single ”Lost” Maple & Rye´s now back with the single ”Hymns of Poseidon”.

The Swedish indie-folk quartet´s music is rich in folk-inspired acoustic guitar riffs, explosive and dynamic rhythms and ever-present seamless vocal harmonies.

Hymns of Poseidon”:
”Will you hear me when I’m gone?”.
The question hints of a fear.
A fear of not achieving anything during one´s lifetime,
nothing to be remembered by.
Of not leaving a lasting imprint on the world and of falling
into oblivion once you are gone.
Hymns of Poseidon” is about this fear and the lengths that people are
prepared to go in order to fight it and reach their goals. 

Hymns of Poseidon” releases today and is a part of Maple & Rye´s debut EP "Nothing Poetic" that release 20 of October

Listen to ”Hymns of Poseidon”

Spotify || Instagram || Facebook 

Monday, October 2, 2017

YL QUES - Crunkatlanta Magazine October 2017

YL QUES - Crunkatlanta Magazine October 2017
YL QUES - Crunkatlanta Magazine October 2017

Artist Name: YL Ques aka Young & Livin
Radio Single: "Paper Chaser"
Management: Dick James Management
Manager: Timo James 
Distribution: Sony Music
Twitter: @ylques
Instagram: @ylques
Facebook: Ques Gholston

Ques is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, by way of Auburn, Alabama.
The Former College Football Standout was a Business Major
at Delta State University, in Cleveland, Mississippi a Sacred Place of the World Acknowledged as "The Delta",The Original Birthplace of American Music.
Ques has been able to transition from Athletics into the Music Industry with a Higher Level of passion and commitment than your normal striving artist.

The "Paper Chaser" video is streaming on (YouTube,Rude Boy Magazine,Daily Motion,VEVO,Closed Caption,Music Choice,BET Jams,Much Music,Revolt & 1000's of Retail Networks across the Country)
Viewers can also stream "Paper Chaser" on ROKU TV,Apple TV,Amazon Fire TV & Radio Pushers TV.

•On The Verge feature in RNH Magazine (Results and No Hype)
•Rude Boy Magazine feature 

On 08/11/17 "Paper Chaser" was made available via The Top Digital Platforms Worldwide
Radio Stations Playing "Paper Chaser"
POWER 107.1 Houston
108,5 THE BEAT Connecticut
109.5 THE HEAT Detroit
106.3 The Heat Of The Street Atlanta 
103.2 Jamz Atlanta 
K-100 Radio Atlanta 
CCG TOP 40 Charleston, S Carolina 
Blaze 1 Radio Atlanta 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Seeking Love Songs for TV & Film

Seeking Love Songs for TV & Film
Seeking Love Songs for TV & Film
Seeking Love Songs for TV & Film

 Looking for: Love songs. Can be a wide style of styles or genres. The theme is the most important thing expressed through connection, passion, deception, affection, etc...

Song Examples:
- Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris
- Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
- Sara Bareilles - Love Song

If songs selected: The composer will receive a non-exclusive contract. Composition will be included in our online library. Music will be pitched to media clients and included on hard drives sent to clients with our library on file.
If songs placed: If the song is placed composer will receive 50% of all licensing and 100% of the writer's share of royalties.

Our credits include major blockbuster movies and TV shows such as Pineapple Express, The Lorax, Kung Fu Panda, Happy Feet, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Don Jon, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives and many more.

- Perpetual Music Group

Deal Type: Catalog Inclusion
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final sync placement decision
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: TBD Upon Placement


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jugg King Young Scooter - Crunkatlanta Magazine

Crunkatlanta Magazine Jugg King Young Scooter
Crunkatlanta Magazine Jugg King Young Scooter

Crunkatlanta Magazine Jugg King Young Scooter features the cover of August 2017 issue. Drizzle of Detroit is in the features section along with more. Check out the Instagram Dymes of the month Check out the latest Instagram models..Check out the RageOn shirts designed by Crunkatlanta and the models of the month. This issue is a keeper. To be in future issues, email

Digital Copy

 Instagram Dymes

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Eye’z & Kerry T At The San Mateo Fair

Eye’z & Kerry T At The San Mateo Fair
Eye’z & Kerry T At The San Mateo Fair

On June 12th Eye’z performed with special guest Kerry T at the San Mateo County Fair. The event is a great attraction for families and kids that lasts nine days. It’s a community event that offers outdoor stages for artists like Eye’z and Kerry T to show their talent. These stages are programmed with family friendly performances. Who doesn’t remember going to such fairs when they were children or even as adults? One of the fairs my city used to have every year was something that I never missed. It was three days long and had many events similar to the San Mateo County Fair. One of my favorite activities was the performances of up and coming singers/groups, such as Eye’z and Kerry T. Our local radio station would host these performers. One of those groups when I was younger was Escape. That show, where they sang just a few of their songs, was when I became a huge Escape fan. I still am to this day, even though they aren’t as popular as they once were. So not only are these shows a good place for professional performers to perform, they are also a great place for those who love music to go to learn about performers that you may have never heard of before. These fairs and festivals often have talents such as Eye’z and Kerry T who are people that you want to discover. And if you’ve already discovered them, even better! You get a chance to see them perform.

Since the Fair is a family friendly event, they of course have activities for children. One of those activities this year was the Keokits pop up truck. Keokits is a company who makes it easier to be a teacher! Teachers go to the keokits website, make their back-to-school supply list, and Keokits posts the list on their website. Parent’s then can forget about going to the store and have a box delivered right to their home of everything on their child’s teachers supply list. This way the students will be better prepared for school when it starts. If teachers and parents utilize this service, the teachers won’t have to worry about kids having the proper supplies at the beginning of the school year, the parents won’t be stressed making sure their kids have all the supplied they will need, and the kids will be better prepared right from the first day of school. This means it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Part of the Keokits exhibit at the San Mateo County Fair was the Keokits pop-up truck. Part of the fun in the pop-up truck was a real life selfie app. It’s a photo booth with plenty of props to help make taking selfies fun. After they were done performing, Eye’z and Kerry T went to the pop-up truck to take some selfies. They took several with props including one where Eye’z was wearing a pink princess crown and Kerry T was holding up a black panther mask. In another one Eye’z was holding a toothbrush and Kerry T is holding an emoji over his face.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On iTunes - Get it How You Live by Zeeno feat. Trife Boss

On iTunes - Get it How You Live by Zeeno feat. Trife Boss
On iTunes - Get it How You Live by Zeeno feat. Trife Boss

***New Music***
"Get It How You Live"
By @Zeeno51 ft @Trife_Boss
Available Now on Itunes and all major streaming sites.
"Get It How You Live" By @Zeeno51 ft @Trife_Boss

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